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28 October 2018,

UPDF, She Cranes, Ministry of Tourism at it again in the second edition of Kampala Coorporate Social ride. Cycling as a family Healthy Life to promote healthy living.

The exercise which is being flocked by Kampala residents and becoming popular every month that passes, takes place every last sunday of the month.

The minister of state for Tourism Hon Wanda Geofrey Suubi ,She cranes, ANEK SUSAN NOWELL ONGOM Federation President Uganda Netball Federation graced the exercise this morning.

They all contend that healthy living is a prerequisite if we are to fight non communicable deseases.

UPDF senior and Junior officers have made it a routine.

All members of the public are encouraged to be part of the amazing experience. Start point. Uganda Museum.

The Mighty UPDF

The Mighty UPDF

The Mighty UPDF
The Mighty UPDF