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Uganda National Heroes Day


Uganda National Heroes Day


Uganda National Heroes Day honors all those who sacrificed themselves to better the lives of the Ugandan people. It is designed to honour those who played a major role in creating a better future for the people of Uganda.

Heroes Day in Uganda begins with the laying of a wreath at the mass graves of innocent civilians killed during civil wars. The president, who is accompanied by dignitaries and government leaders, lays the wreath before proceeding to another location to address the public. The government chooses different locations throughout Uganda for the official ceremony and speech each year. The location chosen relates to the contribution of that area to the struggle for liberation in Uganda.

Heroes throughout Uganda are chosen to receive medals on National Heroes Day. Between 600 and 1,000 medals are given out annually to recognise contributions to the betterment of Uganda. The ceremony for the medal presentation is chosen based on historical contributions, much like the location chosen for the morning ceremonies on National Heroes Day.