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Brief History

The Uganda Air Force is a statutory institute and a service arm of the Uganda People's Defence Forces, the other being the Land Forces. It is established by the Defence forces Act, 2005, Section 3 Sub section 2(b).

The Uganda Air Force traces its origins from the Armed Forces Act, which was passed by parliament in January 1964. The gist of the Act underscored the necessity of defending Uganda's airspace, a need paramount for modern warfare, since World War 1. At this point in time, the cold war eventualities had necessitated post colonial states to establish strong armies that would defend the territorial integrity of African countries.

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In 1986, the NRM government inherited the skeleton of the air force that could only operate as an air wing of the army. However, since then much progress has been registered. A number of top of the- range aircrafts have been acquired and training conducted both locally and overseas.

The Uganda Air force's mission and vision are in consonance with the country's comprehensive Defence policy, especially in threats analysis, given the fact that we are a landlocked country. Uganda Air force is conscious of the fact that any threats to countries that constitute Uganda's lifelines to the seas are threats to Uganda and this forms a basic ingredient of Uganda's strategic Defence posture.

There is ample evidence that the force has played its crucial role in the pursuit of its stated mission. Its swiftness in evacuating causalities and in assisting civil authorities in search and rescue missions is commendable. The force earned the people's praise in relief missions to Teso when the region was devastated by floods. The itinerary of success is lengthy.

The Mighty UPDF


To defend the Uganda's air space, provide air support to the land forces and engage in operations other than war.


1. To remain Uganda's strategic defence power by deterring potential threats and winning wars.

2. Building of a standard well trained officer and men core capable of adequately contributing to the fulfillment of the Uganda Air Force Mission and supporting regional campaigns.

3. Participation in regional peace missions.

4. Provision of support to the Land Forces.

5. Provision of support to the Land Forces.

Core Tasks

1. Defending Uganda's Airspace and supporting own land forces wherever they are.

2. Destroying strategic enemy positions.

3. Providing VIP transport.

4. Peace support missions and relief in the event of natural disasters.

5. All the other duties of UPDF as per Article 208 of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda.




Deputy Commander

BRIG. SAM KAVUMA, Deputy Commander  AirForce

Chief of Staff

BRIG. JAMES BIRUNGI, Chief of Staff  AirForce
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