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15th September 2018,

Today 15th Sept 2018, the Chief of Defense Forces [CDF] Gen David Muhoozi and representatives of the Uganda Police Force, Uganda Prisons Services and Uganda Wild Life Authority has officially launched the 14th interforces games and championiships under the theme " enhancing joint operations for National Security and Socio-Economic Development ".

While addressing the press, Gen Muhoozi said that historically, interforces games are annual events that bring all Armed force together to participate in various sports discilplines. He added that this alone supports promotion of sports talents, games and act as another way for forces to strengthen the partnership and collaboration in maintaining peace and security of the Country.

The Championships shall be hosted by the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces [UPDF] from 15th Sept TO 24th sept 2018 at the Land Forces HQs [LF HQs] Bombo, Kigo Range shooting Grounds and Nelson Mandela National Stadium [Namboole] with the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces [UPDF], Uganda Police Forces [UPF], Uganda Prisons [UPS] and Uganda Wildlife Authority [UWA] participating and competing in eight Sports Disciplines with over 800 [eight hundred] athletes which include; Football [men], Volleyball [men], Netball [women], Handball [men & women] , Taekwondo [men & women] Darts [men & women], Athletics [men & women] and Range Shooting [men & women].

The opening route match will be comprised of the brass bands from UPDF, UPF, and UPS. the opening ceremony will be on sunday 16th Sept 2018 at the Land Forces Headquarter Bombo.

The route Match will be from Bombo Barracks Parade ground through the Quarterguard to Total Petrol Station along Kampala, heading to Gulu highway back to milo 20 heading to Bombo town up to Garrison Sports Play Ground.

The CDF further said the Objectives of these games is to consciously and continuously promote Joint National operations for sustainable National Security and Socio-economic Development and transformation.

The games also enhance good relations between the Armed Forces and the Civilians, promote Command and Control, Discipline, Co-operation and physical fitness.

Gen David Muhoozi cautioned the Armed Forces to compete and excel in sports and be equally productive and co-operative which will lead to a big milestone for interforces and give an opening to the establishment of other agreements in other sports areas of co-operation.

He further reminded the Forces that an Award awaits the Winning Teams, Gold Medals, Trophys, Cows and some shall be Awarded with Pecuniary Awards.

The Representative of the Inspector General of Police and Deputy Director special duties Mr.Odong Piny appealed to the public to turn up in big numbers in order to enhance co-operation between the forces and the Civilians.

The Representative of the Commissioner General of Prisons Mr. Moses Kakungulu thanked the CDF for yet another golden opportunity for the interforces champions and pledged maximum cooperation and that he shall leave no stone unturned in promotion of sports in Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority was represented by the Communications Manager Mr.Bashir Hangi who ellaborated that games promote unity and coherence among the sister Forces adding that they all work together in ensuring the security of the visitors to the parks, the staff and tourism infrastructure including investments.

The Press briefing was attended by among others Deputy Chief of Education Sports and culture Col Ben BintabaraTaekwondo , Kickboxing Proffessional Sgt Tugume Titus, Coach UPDF boxing team S/sgt Sekabira Tony, UPDF Coach basket ball Wo2 Mugaga Moses, UPDF Coach Kick boxing Sgt Tumukunde John and the media team.

In conclusion, the CDF invited fellow Ugandans, Media fraternity and Cooperate World to turn up in large numbers and enjoy themselves.

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